Surgical Micro Grafting

Surgical Micro Grafting

Hair surgery and transplants are growing in popularity as the general public have begun to see the fantastic results surgical grafts can achieve. Here at MCG, we are proud to boast the finest and highly skilled surgeons.

If you are considering surgery then PLEASE beware – do not make the fundamental mistake many individuals do and fall into the trap of visiting a clinic that solely offers surgical procedures – it is obviously in their interest to recommend you that service regardless of whether it is actually suitable for you.

Not every client is suitable for surgical procedures, so a careful diagnosis is required. We offer free analytical examinations for surgery and indeed all of our treatments so that we can ascertain whether this is the correct procedure. Surgery is irreversible, so by seeing one of our specialists who is qualified in ALL types of hair restoration and treatments, you can ensure you receive the best and most impartial advice.

Sufferers of Female Pattern Baldness will be aware that no matter how advanced the hair loss, we always manage to keep the hair on sides and back. This is because we have two types of hair – our glandular hair, and our hair on top, which is known as cranial hair. Our glandular hair, being resistant to the causes of hair loss, remains healthy despite any DHT build-up, and it is therefore possible to extract follicles from our glandular region as donor hair, and implant it into the areas of concern.

Hair consists of small pockets or clusters of individual hairs, which are known as follicular units. A typical follicle is known to produce 2-3 hairs, and our advanced surgical techniques involve the extraction of individual follicular units using the FUE procedure. Unlike outdated and old-fashioned techniques such as 'plugs' or FUT Strip Surgery (which can lead to poor results, scarring, and high recovery times), our very small individual extractions lead to minimal negatives.

Our specialist surgeons use these small micro-grafts to implant these hairs into the areas of the scalp affected by hair loss. Here at MCG,our focus is not simple on how your hair looks when you leave the clinic, or carrying out surgery then moving onto the next client, but a dedicated aftercare system of support to ensure you can maintain your amazing results and continue to retain a full head of hair as the years continue to roll by. Our expert aftercare will ensure that your newly transplanted hair grows to its full potential.

In your initial consultation, we will discuss with you the areas you wish to improve, and design a new look that is in line with your requirements. By the end of the appointment, we will be able to calculate how many grafts you would require and inform you of the exact cost ensuring that there are no hidden surprises at the end of your treatment.

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