Non-Surgical Micro Grafting

Non-Surgical Micro Grafting

The conventional method of treatment for hair loss such as topical solutions, tablets and surgery can be painful and may not yield desired result. The individual may lose hope and confidence in re-growing the hair due to sheer feeling of surgical processes and/or due to the length or duration of the treatment.

    It depends a lot on the condition of the hair and the stage of the hair loss, that the conventional method may not be appropriate. In such scenarios MCG approach is to help the individual with a pain free non-surgical micro-grafting process. The procedure is widely popular and accepted form of treatment which offers elasticity and implausible outcome.

    The procedure allows an individual to attain a full head of hair in a single 3-4 hours appointment, or in multiple phases depending on the individual’s time frame and anticipated outcome. If someone is looking to acquire a full head of hair in a short span of time, then non-surgical micro grafting can help re-capture the luxury and happiness of a desired hair style.

    We have had lots of feedback and inputs from our customers that we came out with this alternate method of non-surgical micro grafting to the painful surgery. We understood the concerns and need of our customers, that at MCG we offer this treatment which is integrated seamlessly with any transplanted hair, and indeed with any of your own healthy hair.

    An individual may want to avoid conventional surgery due to potential pain and non-essential cosmetic processes. The beauty of the non-surgical micro grafting is that you get guaranteed full head of hair with no scarring and no pain. It consumes less time.

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