Photo Diode Therapy

Photo Diode Therapy

The adverse effect of the increase of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) around the cranial hair follicles is that an individual losses hair rapidly. The photo-diode therapy at MCG is the most preferred treatments.

We emphasize that it is a must for MCG to conduct a thorough hair check in order to evaluate your DHT levels and the condition of your follicles. This would enable us to conclude if Photo-Diode Therapy is the suitable treatment to proceed with.

Our diagnostic analysis is unique in the industry and we always strive to recommend only the most suitable treatments.

Photo-Diode Therapy has a proven track record of:

  • Stimulating hair re-growth

  • Stabilising hair loss

  • Optimising surgery results

  • Improving the condition of those suffering from non-androgenic Alopecia

  • Increased health of the epidermis layer

  • Increased cellular metabolism

  • Stimulating skin and follicle together in order to increase our intake of nutrients and minerals

  • Anti-inflammatory qualities, including reducing dryness and itching.

During the course of Photo-Diode therapy, we at MCG will conduct regular sessions to ensure proper hair-checks and consultations so as to ensure gradual and evident growth of the hair throughout

Along with the Photo-Diode therapy doctors will prescribe certain MCG products in order to accentuate the rate at which the hair improves.

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