MCG-FS Range

MCG-FS Range

We at MCG have a complete range of formulas, shampoos and conditioners that have undergone clinical trials and tests in order to ascertain their ability to show significant results in hair growth and of course a substantial reduction in hair loss.

    Whether your hair loss problem is new or an ongoing process, whether you have earlier tried Ayurvedic or homeopathic treatments with negligible results the MCG range of products are here for your benefits.

    The MCG range of products includes unique products such Phase-1 Regrowth Formula, which when used in combination with exclusive MCG Shampoo Conditioner and relevant products based on the hair loss condition. When all of the relevant products are used regularly alongside a course of Photo-Diode Therapy, then expect a visible effect on your hair!.

    Our Phase-1 Regrowth Formula contains the active ingredient Procyanidin B-2, which was tested in a double-blind placebo controlled trial. 19 women suffering from male pattern baldness were studied with a daily topical application of our product, with 10 other balding women serving as a control group. After 6 months, the study concluded that the increase in number of total hair and terminal hair in the Procyanidin B-2 group subjects was SIGNIFICANTLY greater than controls – and in addition 78.9% of subjects showed an increased mean value of individual hair diameter.

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