For Cancer Kids Program

For Cancer Kids Programe

My Cosmetic Group treats hair loss globally for a number of reasons; while many consider hair loss to be an adult affliction only, the sad reality is that hair loss also affects children. For these children, hair loss can be due to a range of reasons; mostly cancer treatment is the cause of this traumatic hair loss. Cancer treatment is daunting in itself without having the coupled effect of hair loss too, thereby only adding to their illness.

MCG has devised a lottery program, whereby 2 children every month get free treatment, so once you enter your details you will automatically be entered into our raffle and 2 names will be picked out at random (every month). MCG’s company ethos is to give back to those who are less fortunate and are suffering.

MCG recognises how important hair is to a person’s self-confidence and their ability to return to their normal lives. Whether hair loss occurs in an adult or child, the impact is the same. As such, My Cosmetic Group gives children who have survived cancer the hair they need to get back to their daily lives. It is our way of making this important transition from the hospital to normal life just that little bit easier and fulfilling their confidence.

Hospitals may apply for patients only.