Hair System Management

Hair System Management

MCG designs and supplies some of the highest quality custom made systems with maintenance services to manage and sustain their hair, ensuring it lasts longer than ever before across the world.

    Frustrated by the inflated prices! Dissatisfied by substandard service of some salons! At MCG we pride ourselves on not only the quality of our systems, with near-flawless hairlines and incredibly natural appearances, but also the level of our service and expertise.

    In addition to fantastic and friendly stylists, many of our Managers and Specialists have undergone this treatment themselves, meaning they have personal as well as professional experience, which can make all the difference.

    Our hair management program involves us washing your new hair with our bespoke MCG products and shampoos, cleaning and removing any debris from your scalp, and creating hair styles which look and feel incredible.

What are you waiting for?

    Take your first step towards counteracting your hair loss and gaining your full head of hair back:

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